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#CedarRapidsStrong After the Derecho Storm

utility workers during the 2020 Iowa Derecho

In August 2020, the people of eastern Iowa were hit by a devastating derecho windstorm. Co-author of Insurance Claim Secrets and independent insurance adjuster, Mike Cecsarini, got a first-hand look at the property damage when he traveled into Cedar Rapids. His big takeaway? The people are incredibly hard-working and kind.

Respect for Staying #CedarRapidsStrong

Despite the trouble they’ve been facing—both during and after the storm—the people of Cedar Rapids, Iowa continue to prove that they are staying strong. They are working together to recover and rebuild their communities, and it’s truly been an inspiration.

“To the people of Iowa,” says Mike, “thank you for allowing those of us who came to help. I know this may sound odd, but that is what I felt the entire time I was in Iowa.”

Iowans happen to be some of the most grateful people. There is no doubt or hesitation in our minds that #CedarRapidsStrong is more than just a phrase to use after this horrible natural disaster. It’s what this city lives every day.

The storm is going to have deep, lasting effects on the area. They won’t get everything back to order soon, but they will continue going forward. They will continue to help each other. They will keep being there for those in need and they will stay strong.

“I went to help get people taken care of so they could begin the process of rebuilding their lives,” says Mike. “But what happened is that they poured more into me than I could give back. Iowans cared more about my wellbeing while visiting than I could share with them.”

#CedarRapidsStrong is more than just some hashtag. It rings loud and true within these communities. So much so, that Mike has decided to take his family back there for a vacation. “My family’s lives will be changed for the better just by being around the people of Iowa,” he says.

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

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